Watercolors are some of the most beautiful paints and are admired for the delicate transparency. On April 24th I will be leading a class called ArtRage Pro Watercolors. Having worked with Painter for many years, there is no doubt that Painter still reigns as King in regards to brush creation, however ArtRage watercolor brushes were a surprise and a delight to work with.  I found them to be extremely realistic and the paint created beautiful pooling and edges. There are limitations but for traditional watercolor approach the brushes were highly creative.

ArtRage images are a wonderful starting point for Painter and Photoshop. The learning curve is very easy for those familiar with Painter and Photoshop. ArtRage has incorporated blending modes and supports PSD files. So for a new painting experience join me at Digital Art Academy for ArtRage Watercolors and learn something new!